Piano Lesson testimonials

Steph is an excellent teacher with highly professional performing skills, with knowledge passion music. She has a lot of patience, gives concise explanations when approaching a new piece,  and encourages me to understand the meaning behind each piece of music.  She has not only taught me what to practice but how to practice efficiently. After having lessons with Steph, my playing skills have dramatically improved. I give her my highest recommendation! Cynthia Ng

I am a mature student and started with no previous knowledge of either reading music or any experience of playing the piano. Steph has taken me from the very beginning and with her support I passed my piano grades. Steph is a very firm, fair and also a very positive teacher who accepts each student as individual, understanding both our weaknesses and our strengths. She inspires me to learn more. Joan

Steph is an excellent piano teacher who takes a holistic approach to her teaching, encouraging her pupils not just in their piano playing but all aspects of their development. Firm when she needs to be, she encourages her pupils to believe and to succeed. Helen

I started piano as a 64-year-old beginner but Steph has encouraged me every step of the way making lessons fun and informative.  She is a rare musician who can really play AND teach.  She is enthusiastic, takes a warm, personal interest in every one.  She makes me ‘feel’ the music as well as play it. She is dedicated to detail that makes all the difference, but with passion and humour that inspires.  Her students are well prepared and successful at examinations.  We all love her to bits. Lesley

I highly recommend Steph because she cares, she gives 100%, she is incredibly knowledgeable and she has lots of quirky ideas to remember things and quite simply is a lovely person to deal with. Maria

I can't recommend Stephanie highly enough. She is an enthusiastic, committed and effective teacher who manages her students with real care and affection, whilst instilling in them the confidence and determination to achieve their potential. David