Piano Lessons

Students range from the ages of three and upwards. Piano lessons take place on a weekly basis and are tailored to the individual, with the aim of developing the student’s natural creative abilities. The aim is to have fun in the learning music-making process. Students are expected to show commitment to learning both in the lesson and during their practice sessions at home. Daily practice is recommended and is fundamentally important to those students undertaking the music board exams.

Students have the option to take ABRSM or Trinity practical and theory exams from Pre-grade 1 through to diploma level. Fast-track theory workshops are offered to prepare students for the theory entry requirements for the Grade 6 ABRSM practical exams. Although exams are not obligatory, they do provide an added incentive or goal to work towards. There are also opportunities to take part in various music festivals along with regular concerts for students to get together and play.